Cypherock X1 Hardware Wallet

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Get the most secure Cypherock X1 hardware wallet which is audited by KeyLabs, a hardware security firm that has found vulnerabilities in other hardware wallets previously. Cypherock X1 is open-source and has been scrutinized, certified ‘reproducible’ by WalletScrutiny. 

Cypherock X1 supports 3000+ coins and tokens including BTC, ETH and others. Take back control of your BTC and crypto with Cypherock X1, the world’s safest hardware wallet! is the official reseller of Cypherock X1 in Singapore. Get your Cypherock X1 today! 

Benefits of owning this cryptocurrency wallet

  • 10x secure than other wallets. Seed phrases in hardware wallets are both a security and convenience nightmare. Cypherock X1 doesn’t have a single point of failure w.r.t. private key management. To eliminate seed phrase vulnerabilities, Cypherock uses an algorithm called ‘Shamir Secret Sharing’ to cryptographically split the private keys into 5 Cryptographic parts, each stored on tamper-proof hardware components - the X1 vault and 4 X1 cards. Cypherock X1 users require the X1 vault and any 1 of the 4 X1 cards to make a transaction. Users’ assets are still secure even if they lose any 3 of these 5 components! The X1 cards have bank-grade encryption and come with EAL6+ certified secure chips. The vault device on the other hand has a joystick and a display which enables users to sign the transactions offline.

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  • Store over 3000 tokens securely. Cypherock X1 supports 3000+ tokens on multiple blockchains. It supports multiple networks like Bitcoin & EVM compatible chains like Ethereum, BNB, Arbitrum, Solana etc. Self-custody your crypto with peace of mind.

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  • 4 Hardware wallets within 1 Cypherock X1. You can create 4 independent wallets each with unique keys in a single Cypherock X1. As an example, use one wallet account for storing your company funds, one for personal funds, one for DeFi and one for NFTs.

  • Use Cypherock X1 as a Vault to secure other seed phrases. Cypherock X1 can function as a seed phrase backup for your other crypto wallets (both hot and cold). Using the ‘import seed phrase function’, you can secure the seed phrases of your other wallets like Metamask, Ledger, Trezor etc. completely offline and securely on Cypherock X1.

  • Manage your entire crypto portfolio across all your wallets in a single app. If you choose to create multiple wallet accounts, or import seed phrases of other wallets, you can view your entire crypto portfolio across wallets in one app - ‘cySync’ by Cypherock.

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  • Inheritance feature (coming soon). Cypherock provides peace of mind by ensuring your crypto assets are safely accessible to your loved ones in any unforeseen event. With our beneficiary service, the assets can be transferred without Cypherock or any other party ever knowing or controlling the amount you HODL in your X1 wallet. 

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  • Thorough audit and scrutiny. Cypherock X1 has been audited by Keylabs (the security firm that has found vulnerabilities in Ledger and Trezor previously) and was scrutinized by WalletScrutiny, which certified the wallet to be ‘reproducible’. Cypherock X1 is open-source and secure. 

Technical Specifications 

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