Cryptosteel Capsule Duo

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Why Cryptosteel Capsule Duo?

The Cryptosteel Capsule Duo contains two capsules and a double set of steel character tiles that can be used to store your password or seed phrase. A double set of stainless steel capsules increase your security by adding a redundancy option. One Capsule can store a seed phrase or password composed of 24 words abbreviated to the first 4 letters.

🔐 More Storage: Unlike other storage solutions, the Cryptosteel Capsule lets you store up to 123 characters - way more than the usual 96.

🔐 Perfect for Passwords: Create strong passwords with letters and symbols. Our Capsule can handle it!

🔐 Built to Last: We've stamped characters deep into durable metal tiles, ensuring they remain clear and readable for a lifetime.

What Exactly is the Cryptosteel Capsule?

Imagine the safest place for your most important secrets. That's the Cryptosteel Capsule. Made of tough stainless steel, it's a fortress for your recovery seed (a backup for digital stuff) or any private info you need to guard.

🛡️ Hidden but Handy: Smartly designed, your secrets are safe yet easy for you to access.

🛡️ Tough as Nails: This isn't any ordinary storage. It's shockproof, waterproof, and laughs in the face of extreme heat—up to 2500 °F (1400 °C).

Why Every Smart Person Needs One

Paper fades, gets lost, or can be destroyed. Why risk it? Our metal Capsule keeps crucial things like passwords and recovery seeds safe and sound.

So Easy to Use!

  1. Pick Your Tiles: Over 1340 tiles are included, each with different characters stamped on them.
  2. Stack 'Em Up: Place these tiles on the Capsule's core.
  3. Lock It Down: Secure everything with our sturdy stainless steel fastener. Done!

Quick Facts (one of two capsules)

  • Size: Handy and compact at 102 x 16mm.
  • Weight: Solid feel of the capsule at 90g.

Quality Materials

Our Capsule shines in premium stainless steel. We've used the best materials (like AISI 303 and 304) to craft it.

Unbox Happiness

Inside, you'll find:

  • 1340 tiles
  • 2 capsule
  • 48 separators
  • 8 fasteners
  • Packaging for storage
  • Instructions
  • Cryptosteel privacy guide

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