CRYPTOTAG Zeus Starter Kit

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Protect your cryptocurrency assets at all costs. Keep your seed phrase secured inside a container that can withstand even the impact of a speeding bullet.

How confident are you that a piece of paper holding your valuable seed phrase will never go missing? With the CRYPTOTAG Zeus Starter Kit, you are provided with more than enough confidence that your seed phrase and cryptocurrency are safe from accidental loss and theft.


Benefits of owning this remarkable tool: 

  • Almost indestructible. Whether it be prolonged exposure to water, extreme heat, acid, or even bullets, the high-grade titanium material used to create the CRYPTOTAG will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

  • Fit up to 24 BIP39 words. Have the perfect amount of space for each letter of your valuable seed phrase. Each CRYPTOTAG plate is made to hold up to 12 BIP39 words, and this kit comes with two. This allows you to store up to two 12-word seed phrases or one 24-word seed phrases.

  • Maintain the ability to read your seed phrase. Have the ability to still read your valuable seed phrase even after the titanium plates take damage. The outer layer of each plate is mighty enough to take all the blows without too much damage on the engraved BIP39 words.

  • Engrave your seed phrase with ease. Ease of use is a priority, and each CRYPTOTAG comes with a metal anvil that will hold the tag securely when engraving, a guide rail that will help line up your bits, and a 2LB hammer.

  • Serious quality and serious style. Not only will this device endure almost everything you throw at it, but it also holds a sleek appearance you will appreciate every time you look at it.

How does it work?

  1. Write down your recovery words on the included Conversion Sheet
  2. Find the correlating numbers in the BIP39 word list
  3. Write down the numbers on the Conversion Sheet
  4. Punch the numbers in the CRYPTOTAG Plates

Compatible with all hardware wallet companies using the BIP39 standard: 

  • Trezor
  • Safepal
  • Ledger
  • Exodus 


Q: Numbers instead of words?
A: Yes, we use the industry-standard BIP39, as your crypto wallet does. Instead of using the BIP39 words we use the BIP39 numbers. Why? Numbers are easier to store in titanium than long words. Easy peasy.
NOTE: The order of the words and correlating numbers can not be changed. It is a standard, so you do not have to worry about this.

Q: What is BIP39?
A: BIP39 is the open-source industry standard used by cryptocurrency wallets. It is an alphabetical word list of 2048 words.
The first word 'Abandon' is number '0001' The last word 'Zoo' is number '2048'. All the words in between also have a correlating number. Check out the list here.

Q: So, no magic or self-brewed algorithms?
A: Nope. We are good crypto citizens and use the industry-standard BIP39, just like your cryptocurrency wallet does.

Q: How can I convert the numbers back into words?
A: The BIP39 wordlist can be found on Github and other sources on the internet. Of course, you can also find it on our website and in the included setup guide in your Zeus box. Once you have the BIP39 List, you can look up the words that belong to your numbers. This will take you 5 minutes.

Q: So, I am not dependent on CRYPTOTAG or another third party?
A: No, if we all end up under a bus and close down our business you still can access your funds, because BIP39 is an industry-standard that can not be changed. This means you can always retrieve your recovery seed, with or without CRYPTOTAG or any other third party needed.

    Specifications Zeus Starter Kit

    Number of plates 

    • 2

    Storage capacity 

    • 24 recovery words
    • (2x 12 recovery words)


    • Titanium

    Box content

    • 2 Plates
    • High-Quality Center Punch
    • Matches
    • Earplugs
    • Setup Guide
    Dimensions box 
    • 14,5 x 12 x 3 cm
    Weight of box
    • 410 grams

    Heat resistance

    • 1667 °C

    Break away from the typical “write it down on a piece of paper” habit and keep your seed phrases where they should be. Order this starter kit and discover why experts recommend it over other products that offer the same function.

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