Setup Guide

5 Simple Steps to Setup your Stronghodl 



Stronghodl Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Backup Tool Instruction Manual

1. Unpack Stronghodl on a clean work space. Remove the top casing by turning the knob counter clockwise. 

2. Use the allen key (hex key) provided to loosen and remove the flat bracket. 

3. Pick your tiles from the tile tray. Insert them to form your private key or words. If you are storing your recovery seed, use only the first four characters. If a word has only three characters, use a blank tile to fill the space. 

NOTE 1: Ensure that each row is filled with tiles. Use blank spaces as necessary to fill up the row. This will increase Stronghodl's integrity in the event of house fire. 

4. Double check your data before placing the flat bracket back into position. Tighten the flat bracket. 

5.  Slide Stronghodl back into its casing and secure with the thumbscrew by turning it clockwise. Keep it somewhere safe.

NOTE 2. When you wish to access your mnemonic seed phrases after a long time, you just have to lift the privacy screen. DO NOT remove the flat bracket unless you wish to change the data for a new hardware wallet. The tiles could slide out (if you did not place Stronghodl on a flat surface) and you will lose the data if you have no further backup.